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UL Certified Residential Security Container (RSC) is ideal for discreet storage in homes, with 1 hour of fire protection and a convenient shelf within the unit, the INKAS® RSC is a great solution for many uses.

RSC 1317 Residential

    • Class B-Rated insurance rating with 1/2″ thick high strength steel doors
    • High strength steel body
    • UL certified Group 2 combination lock
    • Relocking device double locks against burglary attacks
    • Large diameter chrome steel bolts and force resistive handle
    • Hinge side inter-locks from inside to resist hinge removal
    • Deposit tray and front compartment support most deposits
    • Bolt down holes
    • UL Certified RSC (Residential Security Container)
    • UL Certified Electronic Lock
    • 1 hour factory fire protection
    • Large 1” diameter chrome plated steel bolts and force resistive handle
    • 1.5” thick construction body and 1.7” thick construction door
    • 1/2” thick Ballistic Steel plate inside the door protecting the locks from frontal attack
    • 1/4” thick Ballistic Steel plate inside the body protecting the bolts from side attack
    • Full composite construction comprised of the highest quality barrier material enclosed within heavy steel plates (12 Ga steel body and 3/16 steel door and frame)
    • Sophisticated Spring Loaded Relocking System is activated and locked when attacked
    • High quality 30 mm diameter heavy duty hinges
    • 1 shelf included (extras optional)